DC Announces “Batman Arkham Knight Prequel” Comic

Developer Rocksteady has set a new standard and became a shining example for comic book games after creating  Batman Arkham Asylum and Batman Arkham City (Batman Arkham Origins was not developed by Rocksteady). They show with attention to detail and respect for the original source material, your own take on any IP could be successful. They kept the lore and tone close to the Bat mythos all the while crafting their own unique universe. Not only that, they made a game where it was exuberantly fun, established highly praised combat mechanics and made you feel like Batman himself.  Now after three years (going on  four by the time of release) Rocksteady returns to close “THEIR” trilogy of the Arkham games. If you’re a devoted “Bat-Freak” like me, you’ll been counting down the days until Batman Arkham Knight releases.  Especially after the recent three-part trailer where Batman and his iconic Batmobile take down the Arkham Knight’s forces at the infamous ACE Chemical plant.

Check out the trailers HERE

But what are we to do while we wait? Well DC comics will help pass the time with a prequel comic series of course. Entertainment Weekly got the exclusive scoop about the upcoming comics.

“Written by Peter J. Tomasi (Batman and Robin) with art by Viktor Bogdanovic and Art Thibert, and covers by Dan Panosian, the Digital First comic will pick up the story where Arkham City left off. The Joker is dead, and the Arkham City prison complex is closed. In a dark place, Bruce Wayne is questioning whether Gotham needs Batman—but new trouble begins to stir, all of it tied to the Arkham Knight.”
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The first issue will be downloadable on Feb. 24, 2015 and Batman Arkham Knight (Xbox One, PS4 and PC) will be released June 2, 2015

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