The Gunman Trailer: Sean Penn can kick your @$$!

When  former spy Jim Terrier (Sean Penn) tries to get out of the spy game, his organization refuses. In retaliation, Jim threatens to leak info on the agency’s dirty secrets. But his plan quickly goes south when they kidnap his girlfriend. Now Jim must take the fight to his own people to get himself and his love out alive. Oh and the film stars Sean Penn?!

Ok, my first thought, “Sean Penn?” Since when is he an action movie guy. I know, some of you will argue what about movies like Gangster Squad? Look I’m not saying Sean Penn can’t do action films, I’m just surprised the academy award winner is doing one. That being said this film looks pretty cool. And why wouldn’t it? Seeing is as it’s being helmed by Taken and Transporter director Pierre Morel. Not to mention other A listers like Idris Elba and Javier Bardem join the frey. If the film is anything like Taken in terms of action and story, you can count on my ten bucks. The Gunman hits theaters March 2015.

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