Knight of Cups Trailer

Just when you thought Christian Bale was through with being a knight, we get this trailer for Director Terrence Malick’s Knight of Cups. Bale plays a man who lives a life where he needs to chase excitement. From love life to club life, it looks like the man can’t help but just live it up. Though, it seems as if everything isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be. He starts to calm down and settle down, as Natalie Portman steps in to the picture. And who wouldn’t?  It’s Natalie Portman!  This movie looks like quite the change in pace from Bale’s last flick Exodus: Gods and Kings; and hopefully, it’s a lot better too. Though, I’m sure it will be if Malick is at the helm. For the uninitiated, Malick is most known for such films as 1998’s The Thin Red Line and 2011’s Tree of Life. In a lot of ways, the trailer is reminiscent of the first trailer prior to Tree of Life‘s release, especially with the music and the pacing. Knight of Cups is due to release sometime in 2015.

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