Grand Theft Auto 5 Heists Trailer

“I know you’ve been complaining, but you weren’t ready,” said in a cheeky manner by hacker Lester Crest. The scene takes a slight jab at themselves as Rockstar is introducing us to the world of Grand Theft Auto: Online’s heist missions. After an entire year and a current-gen re-release, it looks like we’re finally getting the online heists mode that was promised. Admittedly, the heist missions were among the most eye-catching and interesting feature that was attached to the promotions of GTAV online. Although, after the release of the online section, the heist features was delayed multiple times, as Rockstar had to constantly patch and balance even the most basic aspects of the online. It’s fair to say that GTA: Online, as a whole, went from one of the best-looking and most anticipated things of last year to one of the most disappointing and forgettable.

While I won’t write it off completely, I do think that Rockstar is going to have to try to really sell this thing to me enough to make me re-buy GTAV. As I’ve mentioned before, I finished the main campaign story and a fair number of side missions when the game released last year. There’s not really much for me to want to go back to. The trailer mentions that the heists presented in the mode requires “finesse,” but what does “finesse” really mean in the context of an online Grand Theft Auto game? Does it mean that it will take actual planning and leg-work like the heists from the story of the game, or does it mean that we should just go in guns blazing and try to not die? Whatever it means, I’m sure we’ll find out early next year when this thing launches. Grand Theft Auto V is currently out for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and will be launching the online heist mode January 27th of next year.

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