Top 10 Movies of 2014 by Pyndus

This has been a good year in movies. From a revival in space travel to talking raccoons, from self aware satirical sequels to  12 year produced films, 2014 was one of those special years. Here’s a list of my favorite films 2014.

Note: This is based upon movies I have seen, and the order is based upon films that surprised me.


This was one of my most anticipated movies even since it’s announcement back in 2012. Gareth Edwards had an interesting take on the legendary beast, taking the perspective of a disaster movie. While I think the movie would have proven better with a different protagonist and more Godzilla, it was nice to see the king back in action.

 Raid 2: Berandal

The Raid is one of my favorite action movies of all time but the Raid 2 far surpasses its predecessor. While the first was a non stop thrill ride, the sequel offers up a bit of crime drama. It’s rare to find a martial arts film with a good story, let alone a great one. Plus the cinematography was gorgeous.

22 jump Street 

Another sequel, 22 Jump Street seemed like another senseless sequel yapping at the dinner table of cash for scraps. But in reality this movie was incredibly clever. It was a self aware film that ruthlessly picked apart those kinds of film and did it with great humor.

The Lego Movie

Moving along with our satirical self aware theme, The Lego movie is an amazing film. Again, what could have been a film designed for mindless pandering was actually a heart warming tale of creativity, nostalgia, and individuality. This is film is in my top 5 of animated movies.

Grand Budapest Hotel

Perhaps one of the odder films I enjoyed this year was Grand Budapest Hotel. While no stranger to the intriguing style of Wes Anderson, this film had a certain dynamism that I hadn’t seen before. Perhaps it was the level of violence, or use of profanity, but still being able to have this oddly childlike fairy tale quality.


Snowpiercer was probably the biggest surprise for me in terms of movies I saw this year. I went in knowing very little and I think that’s why I like it so much. Director Bong Joon Ho, who is also known for his monster movie The Host,  tells an strange and dark tale of survival and classism aboard a perpetual locomotive. If anything this film had some of the most gorgeous cinematography I’d seen all year.

 Captain America: The Winter Soldier 

Speaking of Chris Evans, Captain America: The Winter Soldier was my favorite action movie this year. Not only  were the fights well shot and choreographed but I think this marvel movie had one of the strongest stories yet. I look forward to seeing what the Russos will bring next time.

 Guardians of the Galaxy

Okay,  so while Cappy was my favorite action film Guardians has to be my favorite ensemble film of this year. Like Cappy it had a pretty good story but what really made the film was it’s band of misfits. James Gunn did an awesome job reinventing relatively unknown marvel franchise and turning it into one of its bigger cash cows. Plus who doesn’t love Groot.


Space seems to be making a comeback of late and I’m sure with Star Wars only a year away those such films will only increase in number, but I doubt few will be as compelling as Interstellar. While I didn’t appreciate the constant shoving of that Dylan Thomas poem down my throat, that shear scale of the film, especially in Imax, was something to behold.

Top Five

Last but not least is Chris Rock’s Top Five.  This probably has to be my favorite Chris Rock film not just because he parodies himself but because of how human the story is. Top Five delves into the rough and tough life of not just comedians but hollywood figures trying desperately to be more than what the audience sees them as.

So there’s my list. Keep in mind I hadn’t seen everything that came out this year. I still need to see Gone Girl, BoyhoodWhiplash, and many others. But of what I saw this is definitely what I enjoyed the most. Do you agree or disagree? Do you recommend any other films? Sound off in the comments below.

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