Awesome Games Done Quick 2015


With all of the negativity that gamers get from the media I find it vexing that they hardly ever acknowledge the good things that come out of the gaming community. Awesome Games Done Quick is a streaming event that combines speed running with Cancer prevention. An event where we get to see some of our favorite video games completed at freakishly quick speeds with all donations going towards the Prevent Cancer Foundation. This event is going down RIGHT NOW and will be going on the rest of this week. As I write this blog post they have already raised $160,561 and this marathon isn’t even half way through. There are donation incentives and prizes that serve to sweeten the deal, not only are you kicking cancer in the ass you are entered for a chance to win prizes and influence how certain runs play out.

My personal favorite incentive has become a staple to this event. During the Super Metroid speedrun people pitch in to save the animals at the end of the game, there are also people who donate money to have the animals killed. Which kind of person are you? #SavetheAnimals or #KilltheAnimals

Show your support by tuning into the stream now:

Humble Bundle is also sponsoring the event and featuring an AGDQ2015 bundle on their page:



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