Fantastic Four: Dramatic Science

Eight years since their last big screen debut, the Fantastic Four are back with gritty science. The official synopsis follows a team of young outcast scientists who teleport to an unknown parallel dimension. While there, their bodies are altered, and the young misfits must band together to harness their new abilities to stop a friend turned foe.

At first glance the plot sounds uncomfortable similar to the first Fantastic Four movie. We already know Dr.Doom is the villain, and it looks like he’s one of the scientists who gets zapped while over in the parallel dimension. I was hoping director and writer Josh Trank, (Chronicle) would have drawn more inspiration for the character, but I’ll save judgement for when I see him. Getting back to the trailer, it actually surprised me. I wasn’t expecting to care much about this movie, having never been a big fan of the Fantastic Four in general, but this was a nice teaser. I do think the exploration narrative felt a little Interstellar-y but  that’s okay. The original Fantastic Four was about a group of scientist and explorers braving the unknown with strange powers anyway, so updating the characters for modern day problems and with modern science doesn’t bother me. Plus if they keep with the idea of the film being a science fiction film rather than a superhero flick that could prove an advantageous angle.  Check out Fantastic Four August 7, 2014.

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