Ted 2 Trailer: Bear Rights

Seth Macfarlane, comedic entrepreneur behind Family Guy, Cleveland Show, and American Dad,  returns us to that heart warming tale of a man-child and his bear. This time it’s Ted’s turn to tie the knot as he and Tami-lyn, the cashier from the previous film, wed and prepare to have children. However because Ted isn’t technically a person he is denied the chance to have a family. Now Ted must go on a journey along with his best friend John to prove he’s not just a magical stuffed animal but an individual worthy of raising a family despite society’s view on the matter. All the while getting caught up in crude hijinx.

I’ve only seen half of the original Ted, but from what I saw I enjoyed. I’m interested to see how they will explain Mila Kunis’ disappearance in the film. Overall I hope the film isn’t just another rehash of the same scatological humor from the last time. It will be hard to top that one cameo appearance from the last film.  If you haven’t already, check out Ted, and go see Ted 2 June 26, 2015.

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