Batman: Arkham Knight “Gotham is Mine” Trailer

A new trailer for Batman: Arkham Knight popped up this morning with a big, fat “RATED M FOR MATURE” starting it off. You know, just in case you weren’t clear on how serious things were with this game. Oddly enough, this game focuses more on Scarecrow than it does the Arkham Knight. Not only does it focus on him more, but it also focuses on other villains that seem to be working alongside Scarecrow for the same goal: taking down Batman. I’m sure when the game comes out and when I see the story for what it is, that it won’t be as clean as that and that there will be some in-fighting among the giant team up of villains. I’m also curious to find out just what they’re holding back. Like, who are the other villains in this game? Either way, I’m glad they’re withholding some secrets because I want something to take me by surprise in this game. Batman: Arkham Knight is set to release June 2, 2015 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC for $59.99.

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