Batman Arkham Knight

With  little over a month left before launch, Rocksteady has decided to tantalize us with several behind the scenes dev videos that showcase their hard work on Batman Arkham Knight. Ever since the studio broke news of the dual gameplay with Batman allies (Nightwing, Robin, and Catwoman), fans have been scratching their heads on how this new combat variation would work.  Well wonder no more chums! In the newest dev diary, they showcase some foots of fancy with the Dark Knight and his acrobatic partner, Nightwing.  You can see the smooth transitions at work while seamlessly  swapping mid combo between the two.  Much like before, you’ll be building a combo meter that both character share.  Once reaching critical levels, you can activate a devastating a dual take-down and boy are they brutal!  It gives new meaning to the dynamic duo.  Mind you, this is still a single player game and sadly there won’t be any co-op modes.  But it does looks like Rocksteady is desperately working on giving us the Batman game we deserve.

Players of the critically acclaimed series will know this isn’t the first time Nightwing has made his appearance in the game.  In Batman Arkham City, he was only a playable character during the challenge maps. A very mute one at that.  It so exciting to know that he’ll be part of the campaign mode this time around.  Not to forget the rest of the Bat family will be playable is various DLC story and challenge maps.  Batman Arkham Knight is set to release 06-23-15 starting at $59.99 on PS4 and Xbox One.

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