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EA 2015 E3 Press Conference Highlights « Ultness

EA 2015 E3 Press Conference Highlights

Walking into the Electronic Arts press conference, everyone’s thoughts were consumed with predictions of Mass Effect 4 and curiosities toward Battlefront–wait, right, this is a recap, not fanfiction.


Finally, a Mass Effect 4 announce trailer and we learn its proper title-¬†Mass Effect: Andromeda. From its title and the line “Discover a new galaxy”, obviously Mass Effect will take place outside of the Milky Way, possibly having Commander Shepard explore the next closest one, Andromeda. Not much is really shown in the trailer, except that it’s visually stunning and each planet visited has its own unique terrain.¬†Mass Effect: Andromeda will be released in the 2016 holiday season and the hype is only just beginning.


During the Microsoft press conference, EA announced¬†Plants Vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 and in the EA press conference, we got to see recorded gameplay. Developers listened to the cries of the Garden Warfare players, GW2’s 4-player co-op tower defense will allow the players to be the zombies defending against the plants and there will be a solo player/local co-op game options. Bring on the AIs! Even the developers call the game as the shooter that doesn’t take itself seriously, and it shows in the best way possible. When the game is released in the Spring of 2016, I’ll be playing CaptainDeadBeard, the zombie sniper class. And don’t worry, if you played the original Garden Warfare and unlocked multiplayer characters, you can transfer your data to GW2 as soon as your first load on launch day.


Star Wars: Battlefront gameplay! Fly a TIE Fighter! Helm an AT-AT! Play as Anakin Skywalker! Be a Rebel! Fight for the Empire! Play with 39 of your friends! I can’t even form sentences. All I can say is watch the gameplay and feel the excitement.


And in true EA fashion, they spent a good chunk of their press conference talking about sports-centric video games. I don’t care for sports, so all I got out of that half was: you can put your face in NBA Live 16 and become your own all-star, FIFA 16 for the first time ever will have women’s soccer–er, futball?–and Madden NFL 16 has a fantasy football draft thing. Sports.


Also Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst is pretty. And awesome. One could even say it is pretty awesome.

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