Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End Extended E3 Demo

Hot off the heels of E3, a lot of people were excited about the Sony conference, especially the demo for Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End that capped it off. Although, there was one thing people wanted from it and that was more – more gameplay, more action, and more of that Uncharted-style banter that we’ve come to know and love. These desires were also fueled after hearing that there was an extended version of the demo shown behind closed doors. Well, Naughty Dog heard their fan cries and they delivered.

The first half of this demo is mostly the same as the one at Sony’s E3 conference. Sully and Drake are chasing after Sam to save him from the Shoreline invaders who have ill intent. The gameplay in this section is still as impressive as before.  This is the first time we’ve seen even some semblance of an open world in the Uncharted games. While the game may look a little intimidating in its scope, especially during the driving section, don’t fear. This section of the game bottlenecks you at certain points so you don’t get lost getting to the destination.

The second half of the demo switches things up a bit, putting Nathan Drake in another unsavory situation, as he gets dragged through the mud by an unbreakable rope crafted by the gods. This section maybe more familiar to fans of the franchise. As you will be shooting your way up to Sam, hopping from truck to truck (fairly similar to Uncharted 3). Continuing in his string of bad luck, Drake barely survives his journey after getting hit by a truck before meeting up with Sam. We eventually come to find out that the three of them are in search of a legendary pirate colony filled with treasure.  Oh, and Elena’s there, too.

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End is set to release Spring 2016 exclusively for PS4.

Uncharted-4_drake-truck-drag1 Uncharted-4_drake-truck-leap1 Uncharted-4_drake-truck-punch1 Uncharted-4_elena1 Uncharted-4_enemies-approach1 Uncharted-4_sam-drake-truck1 Uncharted-4_sam-sully1 Uncharted-4_sully-door1 Uncharted-4_truck-street1-2

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