Batman V Superman Comic Con Trailer: The Red Capes Are Coming

Following the Warner Bros. Hall H panel, a new trailer for Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice was released. This trailer again pushed major theme of this movie which is the consequences, more importantly, Superman’s. The trailer shows Superman going to the senate, where it is assumed he has to answer for what happened in Metropolis. We also learn the Bruce Wayne was in Metropolis during the events of Man of Steel trying to save the lives of workers in a Wayne Industries building. Later he and Alfred debate whether or not a preimptive strike on Superman is ethical or not. We also got our first look at our curly haired Lex Luthor, and guess what? He’s got kyrptonite. The rest of the trailer shows off Superman, Batman, and even some brief glimpses of Wonder Woman doing battle.

For what it’s worth, I liked this trailer a lot more than teaser. I feel a little bit better, about the whole Batman v Superman prospect. I’m still unsure if I like how stylized the new film is compared to the last. Seeing is how Zack was pushing for a more “realistic” Superman film. Now we seem to be drifting more into mythic genre, which could work though it feels like an awkward transition. I’m also intrigued by Jesse Eisenberg’s Lex Luthor. Lex has been a product change throughout the century. In the beginning he was a scientist, later a business man, then a combination of both. Here he looks like evil Zuckerberg, no pun intended. Oh yeah and is Batman branding people? That’s kinda cool in a really metal way. What did you guys think about the trailer? Sound off below. Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice hits theaters March 2016.



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