Spectre Trailer: 007

James Bond is back and bigger than ever. This time around Bond digs into his shadowy past only to discover and even bigger mystery surrounding a sinister terrorist organization known SPECTRE. Sam Mendes, (SKYFALL) returns to direct along with Daniel Craig as James along with much of the cast from the last film. We’ll also be introduced to some classic characters including Mr. Hinx played by Dave Bautista, and rumor has is Christolph Waltz plays SPECTRE leader Blofeld.

I had never been a big Bond guy as kid. I always liked the much grittier spy films such as the Bourne movies. But as of late I’ve gotten more into the spy genre especially thanks to Skyfall. I think director Sam Mendes does an excellent job blending 60s spy camp with grounded modern aesthetics. This time around I think we’ll venture more into the mythos of James Bond as the main antagonist, SPECTRE, was a long time foe in the books and film. I’m interested to see how Mendes will it off without venturing too much into spy fantasy. If Mendes can deliver as well as Skyfall I’m definitely in. SPECTRE comes out November 5, 2015.


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