Crackdown 3 “First Look” Trailer

One of the games I was the most curious about was the new Crackdown game that was revealed last year. The popular theory was that it’d be a reboot, but lo and behold, ReAgent stuck a big, fat “3” on it and called it a day. Along with the official reveal, they put out a new trailer.

The trailer gave us our first real look at Crackdown 3, focusing mainly on the over-the-top destruction that takes advantage of the Xbox One’s cloud computing — or whatever that means, considering the way they throw around the term “the cloud” nowadays. They’ve been talking about this for a while in interviews whenever the game has been mentioned, but as good as that stuff looks, I was hoping to see something more. Not more in terms of what they showed, but like a demonstration of how else this game would improve on what we expect from a Crackdown game.

Don’t get me wrong, the destruction look great. I’m also glad that they’ve kept the stylized look of the games, but I was hoping to see a modernized version of the abilities and powers system that was so great in the first two games. I wanted to see whatever weird gang sects that are in this one. Even showing just a demonstration of the co-op would’ve been great. I’m glad a new Crackdown exists, but I hope the destructive stuff isn’t what ReAgent are hanging their hats on. Only time will tell, I guess. Crackdown is set to release sometime in 2016 exclusively for Xbox One.

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