Deadpool Redband Trailer

From the writer’s of Zombieland comes the REintroduction of Wade Wilson, AKA Deadpool. When mercenary Wade Wilson is diagnosed with multiple if not all of the cancers, he’s given the option to be the test subject for a new weapons project. Should the procedure succeed he’d be able to heal any would as well as be given superhuman abilities. But having been betrayed by those who gave him his powers, Deadpool now seeks vengeance the ¬†only way he knows how; hunting down the @$%@#%$s!

From the trailer alone, I can feel a lot of heart was placed into this film. We definitely get the costume this time around, unlike in X-men Origins Wolverine. We also get the whit, the crass humor, and even some of the self-referencial material, (the Green Lantern joke). My biggest hope however, is that Deadpool breaks the fourth wall throughout the film. If the film has that it’s golden. Deadpool hits theaters Feburary 12, 2016




  1. Reverend Meta says:

    Definitely agree, especially about the fourth wall comments. I’m hoping Stan Lee does his signature cameo and Deadpool stops the show to point him out and interact with him, lulz

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