Halo Wars 2 Announcement Trailer


As Microsoft’s “one last thing” surprise, they revealed a sequel to Halo Wars, 2009’s RTS set in the Halo universe. This is a surprising for a couple of reasons.

For instance, I recall the first Halo Wars game selling fairly okay when it was released on the 360, but not having much fan-faire. It’s even more surprising because with all of the flac Microsoft got for letting the Master Chief Collection come out with all of it’s glitches and bugs fully intact, they’re starting to crank out Halo games, especially with Halo 5: Guardians on the horizon. You’d think they’d be going about announcing and releasing them one at a time, but here we are.

It’s also interesting to note that this game is being developed by Creative Assembly, the developers of last fall’s Alien: Isolation and the Total War franchise. And Creative Assembly is owned by Sega, which means Sega is making a Halo game. Weird.

Look for Halo Wars 2 sometime in 2016 exclusively for Xbox One.

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