Quantum Break Gameplay Trailer

One of Microsoft’s most talked about first party games, Quantum Break, got a more extensive showing today. Now, this game has caught quite a lot of attention for a plethora of reasons.

The biggest reason is the pedigree of developer, Remedy Games. Remedy is known for creating games like Alan Wake and Max Payne. Both of which, have been well received over the years – and let us not forget the influence of bullet-time and it’s integration in video game combat.

Another reason is the confusing elements that have been mentioned when discussing this game. Elements like time manipulation by the main character, Jack Joyce (portrayed by Sean Ashmore from Xmen), as he’s being hunted down by Paul Serene (portrayed by Game of Thrones‘ Aiden Gillen), head of Monarch Solutions, after he also becomes gifted with time manipulation powers. Even though time travel/manipulation in stories is something that’s very tricky and something that some media involving them are starting to stop explaining, I’m interested to see how they explain all of the time-traveling insanity.

People have also been talking about is the cross media interaction between the game and a live-action television show. After the Xbox television studio had been shut down, there was a lot of concern of how this would work out. Turns out, the show is still going to happen. And by the looks of it, thy have quite a lot of talent in this show like the previously mentioned Aiden Gillen and Lance Reddick (Lieutenant Cedric Daniels of The Wire). It also seems as if the game will focus on the hero, while ┬áthe show will keep its focus on the antagonists and the Monarch corporation. It should be interesting to see how this comes together, considering other games – most recently, Defiance – have tried this in the past and haven’t worked out.

Quantum Break is set to release April 5, 2016 exclusively for Xbox One.

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