Homefront: The Revolution Trailer

After a troubled development cycle, there was a lot of doubt if Homefront: The Revolution, sequel to 2011’s Homefront, would see the light of day. First, it was in the hands of THQ, and they shut down back in 2012. It then went into the hands of Crytek, who, shortly after the last bit of gameplay was revealed, also shut down. Now, the game lies in the hands of Deep Silver, who are most known for publishing the Saints’ Row and Metro franchises. And today, with the release of a new trailer and some new gameplay, it looks as if worries for the game will no longer be focused on whether or not if it will come out, but will now focus on the potential quality of the game, as will all upcoming games.

The CG trailer follows a young, American child as he’s being forced by North Korean guards to “thank” his country’s new leaders. As he proceeds to read this thank you speech, we’re shown scenes of North Korean oppression on American citizens. The scenes ultimately begin to transition to footage of the American oppressees fighting back against their oppressors, as “a brighter future beckons.” This trailer is very captivating and I hope that this trailer is indicative of what we may see in the earlier parts of the game, where we see what this new “American” life is instead of just hitting the ground running and gunning.

Speaking of running and gunning, we got some look at the gameplay of Homefront: The Revolution. Taking place from the first person perspective from an unknown protagonist, we can see a lot of interesting gameplay aspects of the game. For instance, the use of a smartphone as the main way of communicating information to the player – information such as a HUD, a map or a way to tag enemies before taking them out.

As far as weapons, we got a look at the type of weapons the game is going with – weapons like RC IEDs and futuristic, customizable guns. The guns were the most interesting bit of gameplay shown in this trailer as it looks like they’re taking a heavy influence from another Crytek-based fanchise: Crysis. Personally, I think that bringing that type of gameplay element to Homefront┬áis a smart move, giving players a plethora of options as to how they want to make their way through encounters. This looks to be a nice addition to an already promising game.

Look for Homefront: The Revolution to release 2016 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.


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