Krampus Trailer: You better watch out…

The holidays are a time of giving; Of goodwill towards men, being merry, being close to hearth and home. That is so long as you are nice. Otherwise Santa sends Krampus for your ass! In this holiday horror tale, a family insights the yuletide rage of an ancient winter spirit, who seeks to punish the misbehaved. Isolated in a snow storm, the family has no option but to face the horrors that lay in store for them. Krampus features Adam Scott, Toni Collette, and David Koechner, and is due out December 4, 2015.

When I first heard Legendary was making a Krampus movie, I thought it was going to be based on the book by Brom, instead I got this wicked holiday monster flick. Now I’m biased, I’m a huge monster fan, so I’m already excited for this movie. But monster adoration aside, I liked what I saw in the trailer. I enjoyed how it lured us in, making us think it was a stereotypical hate the relatives Christmas movie. Then BAM, monster horror! I also loved the all the practical effects being used, which seemed to be the majority of the effects. I hope it’s able to deliver, and look forward to getting spooked this holiday season.


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