Overground Comics at Amazing Houston Comic Con

Amazing Houston Comic Con was a blast! Friends were made and new frontiers were explored. I had the opportunity to talk with Jon Hughes of Overground comics to discuss how the universe has grown since I last interviewed them at Space City Con in 2013. In 2013 they had just a few titles: Plus Ultra, The Graduate, Absent Captain and Hero Corp Knights. Since then they’ve introduced more characters in collaboration with more artists and writers. Some of their newer titles include Tiger, the story of a girl who’s punches are imbued with her father’s strength when she wears his old boxing gloves.

There are many exciting updates to the Houston based comic company. They recently got distribution nationwide. Hughes has said that having support from everyone has been so valuable and helped Overground get into stores. Currently, 4 books are nationally distributed: Plus Ultra, The Graduate, Absent Captain and Hero Corp Knights.

Hughes excitedly told me about an upcoming story in the Overground universe called Tinker by Rachel and how exciting it is going to be to follow this girl who is just learning how to use her powers and abilities to the hero she will become as time proceeds. Overground practices a concept of moving forward in continuity, meaning the characters will age in real time. This is truly exciting because readers will be able to see the characters grow into heroes, following their lives and struggles like real people.

He wants to show in Overground’s characters are people that transform and evolve in time in the comics just as if the stories took place in reality. When I initially interviewed Hughes in 2013, he mentioned how it seems as if many characters never seem to age or they are perpetually stuck being in certain state of life.

Overground Comics is a company dedicated to what people are looking for in stories. During Amazing Houston Con the Overground booth collected cards written by attendees explaining what they did and did not like about mainstream comics, so that they could incorporate those thoughts and ideas into their comics.

Several of the company’s artists were at the convention representing the comics that they were excited to be part of.

Plus Ultra – Matthew Weldon

Graduate – Celia Calle

Absent Captain – Joshua Flower, Mostafa Moussa

Herocorp Knights – Brent Peeples

Tinker – Rachel Uildriks

Kid One – Chris Foreman

Tiger – Yulyn Marquette

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