The Forest Trailer: Spooky Forest = Bad

Based on the real Japanese forest, Aokigahara. When Sara’s twin sister disappears into the notorious Suicide Forest at the base of mount Fuji, she has no choice but to go and search for her. Despite local protest and warning, she strays from the path, and stays after dark in the forest. That’s of course when everything goes awry. Starring Game of Thrones, Natalie Dormer, The Forest hits theaters January 6th.

I’m surprised there hasn’t been more mainstream western films about the suicide forest given its rich/tragic history. Though the Forest isn’t a remake, it still has that teal blue esthetic feel  like the American remakes of The Grudge, and The Ring. Which can work, as I enjoyed the creative twists taken with the films. Today ghost movies have become the new zombie movie, becoming more mainstream. So I hope they can offer a fresh take on the ghost film.

One thing I that actively bothered me about the trailer was the bloody bag ghost. This trope of the bloody masked ghost is way too over done. Granted, if done right, it’s creepy, maybe even scary. But is an overdone trope none the less.  Japan’s paranormal mythology is just as rich an anyone else, and for the most part untapped by western filmmakers. To me,  the filmmakers missed a chance to get really creative there.

All that being said, I’m still interested in the film. I’m hooked by the backdrop and hope the film can pull off a fun twist on the legendary forest. As long as they can top just having a bloody bagged ghost, I think the film can be something special.

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