Warcraft Movie Trailer: Not so wow…

Based on the best selling video game, when two nations on the precipice of war, heroes from both sides band to together to save their people from certain annihilation. Directed by Duncan Jones, Moon, and stares Travis Fimmel, Paula Patton, Dominic Cooper, and Clancy Brown.

Okay so thoughts,  this is a pretty generic film trailer: Fantasy worlds, ugly dark forces attacking handsome light forces.  Though, I appreciate the twist of the good orc seeking to save his people from slaughter, the rest of the story seems pretty cliche. There’s nothing really memorable about the trailer. They even reuse generic trailer music. While it’s cool to see the grandiose set pieces, the film feels too much of a rehash fantasy elements. What do you guys think? Did you like the trailer? Are you a fan of the games? If so how does the trailer make you feel? Sound off below.

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