Gods of Egypt Trailer: Remember Clash of the Titans?

In the Egyptian knock off of Clash of the Titans, white washed Gods Seth, and Horus fight for the right to rule Egypt. Seth, the God of darkness, overthrows Horus, the God of light, taking his eyes and banishing him. The kingdom falls into the expected bout of misery and woe at Seth’s tyrannical rule. That is until the thief Bek, (also a white guy) steals back one of Horus’ eyes. Together, Horus and Bek seek to overthrow Seth before he plunges the world into total chaos. Gods of Egypt hits theaters February 26, 2016.

Yeah okay, and I thought the WOW trailer was nuts. There is so much WTF in this trailer I don’t know if I can even cover it all. First of all, we got white people in all the major roles. Second, I’m pretty sure they stole those snake monsters from the movie Dragon Wars, go ahead–look it up. And third, once again the entire plot is revealed in the trailer. I have absolutely no confidence in this movie. It feels completely generic and unwarranted. I wish Nikolaj Coster Waldau wasn’t in it, ’cause I do like him as an actor, and I guarantee this movie will not help his, or anyone else’s, careers. If you have the money to spend, then I guess check it out in 2016.

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