Huntsman: Winter’s War

In another attempt to cash in on Frozen mania, Huntsman: Winter’s War features Emily Blunt as the Ice Queen, the sister of Charlize Theron’s Evil Queen from previous film, Snow White and The Huntsman. The Ice Queen seeks to resurrect her dead sister, recently vanquished by Snow White, with the help of the magic golden mirror, and an army of the frozen warriors. Of course, the only person who can stop her is Chris Hemsworth’s the Huntsman. But he won’t be alone this time around, Jessica Chastain joins him as Sara, the warrior. Together, can they stop the Ice Queen, and her evil sister’s resurrection? Huntsman: Winter’s War hits theaters April 22,2016.

So if you’re a regular here at Ultness, you know how I feel about unnecessary sequels. While originally, planned to have Kristen Stewart, that plan quickly fell through after sleeping with the previous film’s married director, Rupert Sanders. So instead we get a Hemsworth spin off, which is probably the lesser of two evils. But I’m getting tired of the Ice Queen thing. Now I appreciate Frozen, but let it go. At least the Ice Queen isn’t named Elsa. ¬†Something else that bothered me about this trailer is that it starts out as a prequel with the Ice Queen running away, and flash backs to the creation of the huntsman, but then jumps to the resurrection of her dead sister as sequel. Plus a whole lot is given away in this trailer, what with the return of Theron. ¬†Overall, this films feels hollow. which makes me sad as I really adore Chastain, Theron, and Blunt as actresses. I’m remorseful to see them wasted. If you think you can handle it, check out Huntsman: Winter’s War next year.

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