Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Trailer 2

In the second trailer for Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice, tensions run high as we learn more about why Batman has it out for the Man of Steel. Fearing an alien being with immense power possibly going rogue, Batman decides to destroy Superman. However, also working to destroy Superman, Lex Luthor creates a monster even more powerful than the last son of Krypton. Now forced to work together, Batman and Superman, along with the mysterious Amazonian Princess, Wonder Woman must destroy the abomination. Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice hits theaters March 25, 2016.

This is a weird trailer. Overall the tone is disjointed, and the editing is jarring. I feel like DC is in a constant battle over what these films are. In the first trailer, we had a dark, brooding atmosphere. Now, we have that but with random moments of whit, and not even good whit. It feels forced and out of place. The rest of the trailer is cut oddly. We have a 26 second lead-in before the trailer actually starts, and the rest of the trailer barely offers anything new until the very end. What is offered, however, is more insight into our characters’ dynamic.

First off, Jesse Eisenberg’s Lex Luthor. It feels more like Zuckerberg than Luthor, and perhaps that’s what they wanted, a more modern twist on the character. But even when they changed Luthor from mad scientist to business man to president, he still retained his core. Here, I still don’t feel like we’re dealing with Lex Luthor yet. Next up is Batfleck. While it was nice to see more of Batman in the trailer and hearing him speak, what he said felt more xenophobic than anything. Less greater good and more fear mongering. Also, while I thought Batman swearing was funny, it felt off, along with the rest of the trailer. Plus, Batman putting his hands up to avoid being shot by Zodzilla, not very Batman. Speaking of Zodzilla, not digging the design for Doomsday. He just seems like a big grey hulk. Also, why introduce Doomsday so early on? He’s such a major villain as well in the comics, and part of such a penultimate arc, its like jumping the shark.

I want to be excited for this movie. I really do. It’s Batman and Superman. But it feels hollow, a grab for power to catch up to Marvel. I feel like it’s missing the heart that these characters instill. I hope I am wrong and the movie does blow me away, until then, it seems doubtful.


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