Final Fantasy VII Remake Gameplay Footage

This past week Sony revealed a gameplay trailer of the much anticipated Final Fantasy VII Remake.

I’m touching on this topic a little late, but I wanted to share my thoughts about the 2 minutes of new footage.

Graphics and Design

Everything looks great, I don’t have anything to really complain about here. It looks like Cloud will always carry the Buster sword on his person, it won’t mystically disappear into his polygon body after battle sequences. Cloud and Barrett look great just as we saw in the first trailer. What really get’s me excited is seeing Biggs, Wedge, and Jesse fully realized as characters. In the past their detail was limited to their 3 foot humunculus polygon models.


Biggs from original release

We didn’t even have portrait art for the ill fated Eco-Terrorists of AVALANCHE in the days of the original Playstation. Likewise, seeing Shinra soldiers fully realized with realistic squadron like movements is a real treat. Midgar’s industrial characteristic traits all seem to be present and look glorious. Lastly, the Guard Scorpion boss is aggressively rendered and looks imposing.

Voiceovers and Sound

Surprisingly we get a sampling of the English voice work, whether or not these are the final release voice work remains to be seen. Again I don’t have any real quibbles, everyone seems adequately cast and no one sticks out as whiny or outrageous (ala Tidus from FFX). Wedge almost sounds like Matt Jones. Badger is that you?



“Ah now eventually do you might have gameplay on your gameplay trailer, right?” For being a “gameplay trailer” I still don’t have a great understanding of how the battle system will work. I watched the trailer 5 times or so. If I had to guess I would say they are using the same battle engine as Final Fantasy XV. Since that game is yet to be released, I’m not sure if I will like it or not. If it plays as loose as Final Fantasy 13 I will not be happy; to me FF13 felt too automated and it played itself. Others have theorized it is similar to the Kingdom Hearts battle system which I always thought was clunky and tedious. I see some familiar moves such as Barrett’s Big Shot, so I’m expecting many of the iconic moves and spells will be retained in some form. With all of this confusion, one thing seems certain, that the ATB (active time battle) system is out for the count. Or at the very least it is heavily overhauled. Let’s just hope this isn’t a wolf in sheep’s clothing.



Overall this trailer was pleasant to me and regardless of the battle system I will be playing this game when it is released. For my thoughts on the previous FF7 Remake Trailer  CLICK HERE

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