Brothers Grimsby: New From Sacha Baron Cohen

Two brothers, separated by fate, are reunited; One, British intelligences’ greatest asset, the other, a football hooligan from East London.  Now wrapped up in a string of political intrigue, the two brothers, Nobby and Sebastian, must reconnect in order to survive. The Brothers Grimsby hits theaters March 11, 2016.

You can never quite put your finger on Sacha Baron Cohen, jumping back and forth from theater of the absurd to straight drama, he’s a man of many talent. That’s why his presence in this trailer has me a bit bewildered. It doesn’t seem like a Sacha Baron Cohen movie, but maybe that’s why it works. I thought this trailer was hilarious. I love the juxtaposition of the brothers, and the fact that Mark Strong is opposite Sacha Baron Cohen. That being said, I hope we haven’t seen all the funny parts already. With films like these, there’s a tendency to jump the gun early with the trailer. Still, this looks like a great comedy with a touch of heart in its story, so I hope it’s good.


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