The Legend of Tarzan: “Mmmmmm Alexander Skarsgård…… “

The King of the Jungle returns. Having left the jungle and settled into his new life as the Earl of Greystoke, Tarzan found himself and his wife, Jane, pulled back into the jungle as trade emissaries for Parliament. However, things take a dramatic turn when Tarzan is betrayed by those who hired him. Now he must return to his roots as king of the apes in order to save both Jane and the jungle. Tarzan hits theaters July 2016.

First thing that happened when I watched this trailer was the gradual number of women congregating around me. This only increased with the more shots of Tarzan shirtless running through the jungle. Anyway, the trailer looked decent. We get that it’s a Tarzan adventure film without spoiling too much of the plot. Visually it looks alright. Some of the cgi still needs work but the movie has over a year for post still. Skarsgård definitely looks the part, along with Margo Robbi as Jane. I’m looking forward to seeing how our politically correct world will handle Tarzan. I’m hoping Tarzan isn’t a total flop, but we’ll see as more trailers come.


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