The VVitch Trailer: Paranoia and Pilgrims go hand and hand.

A small frontier family of pilgrims struggle with their new lives in a new land. Things take a dark turn, however, when the family’s infant son goes missing. Strange noises echo through the forest, and the family slowly but surely begins to turn on one another. Is there evil out in the trees, or is evil all but too close to home?

As we move into the cold winter months, I find myself drawn more indoors and into the clutches of great horror movies. Last year I was wooed by IT FOLLOWS,  an amazing film and one surely to resonate for the years to come. This time around we have THE VVITCH brought to us from the new director Robert Eggers.  

I’m definitely intrigued by the trailer. One, because as mentioned I have a love of horror, and two, I always enjoyed watching  the pilgrims wig out over the paranormal. But in all seriousness, if the movie can keep up with the dreary, desaturated, and foreboding atmosphere I’m all in. My only real concern is that the movie might be too much build up, with little to no pay off. A trend I have noticed with a lot of these found footage horror movies made popular by  the paranormal activity franchise. Still, I like the premise and haven’t seen a good witch movie since Hocus Pocus (don’t judge). So fingers crossed. Check it out in theaters, Feb. 18, 2016.

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