Final Fantasy XV Gameplay Trailer

Over the weekend, Square Enix decided to put out a new trailer for Final Fantasy XV, showcasing their Active Time Battle gameplay. This seemed to come in response to the feedback they received from those who played the Final Fantasy XV: Episode Duscae demo that was included in last year’s Final Fantasy: Type-0. A lot of that feedback revolved around the combat, and how it was so slow and repetitive. And after watching gameplay of said demo, I whole-heartedly agreed. The idea of playing that game, especially after seeing all of the previous gameplay trailers, just seemed like a drag.

The footage shown looked a lot more interesting that that of what we’ve seen in the past. With that said, nothing I’ve seen looks to be blowing me away. That’s not due to the fact that it looks bad or anything, it’s just that a lot of it looks…familiar. The earlier parts of the demo gave me an Assassin’s Creed or Batman: Arkham-esque feel. I look at the way the “stealthier” gameplay aspects work in this game – the way the player, when approaching enemies from behind, is able to pull off a one hit take down and the maneuvering.

A lot of what was in the latter half of the trailer, with the quicker-paced combat, didn’t really stand out to me in any meaningful way, as there was a lot of hack-and-slash gameplay. Don’t get me wrong, I prefer this to the turn-based combat of old Final Fantasy (there are those who don’t and that’s fine), but still it isn’t anything so revolutionary. Although, the contextual-team attacks did pique my interest, leaving me curious to see how those work and how possibly upgrading your allies’ attacks would work.

Anyways, we’ll have to find out more when the game’s release date is announced March 30th. That’s right…a release date for a release date. Jesus Christ, this game.

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