Super Bowl 50: Best of Trailers….

A lot of trailers dropped for our 50th Super Bowl. Some good others not so good. So here are my thoughts on some of the more bigger trailers.

First off Cap’s back in an intense 30 second spot. Captain America: Civil War already had a kickass first trailer, and this one definitely adds more to the intensity. That attempted assasination of Tony Stark by Bucky Barnes. Talk about drama. Plus that chant throughout really helped with the hype factor and the division the Marvel universe is facing.

Speaking of spy thrillers and mayhem, Jason Bourne is back. A man who’s gotten out of the game so many times I’ve lost count, this time around it looks like the intelligence community needs his help. What got me hyped about the trailer was that I could actually see the action that was going on. A much needed improvement from the fight scenes in Supremacy and Ultimatum.

Moving on to more of the ridiculous, the turtles are back. I’m sure many of you read my thoughts on the first trailer for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows, (if not go check it out). Despite not being an obvious fan of what they’ve done with the turtles, I like that at this point the film makers have accepted the ridiculousness of their franchise. Not trying to push for the serious action tone of the first and more towards a goofy romp.

10 Cloverfield Lane surprised with jerky car accidents and an unstable John Goodman. What’s got me relieved is the monster roar at the end. I was worried for a while that we weren’t even going to get a monster when the film was described as a “spiritual sequel”. A Cloverfield without a giant monster just seems wrong.

Perhaps my least favorite of the Super Bowl, X-men: Apocalypse really didn’t offer anything new aside from a Coldplay cover song. It was the pretty much the same aside from some wicked Psylocke action from Olivia Munn. Other than that, it’s the same havoc and mayhem with Xavier weeping.

Last but not least The Jungle Book. The longest of all the previews, we get a nice sense of nostalgia while still throwing in that new glossy live action Disney feel. I couldn’t help but notice that we didn’t actually get to see too much animal talking and more voice over. Most likely because they’re still animating the crazy CGI. Still, I look forward to seeing what this movie truly has to offer come April 15, 2016.

Don’t worry, I didn’t forget the merc-with-a-mouth. We got some nice new action shots including a good ol’punt just for the Super Bowl. Can’t really think of anything more to say. I guess we’ll really just see how ridiculous this movie will be this weekend.

So those are my thoughts on the big movie trailers with the Super Bowl. Think I missed something, or want to talk about another trailer? Sound off below.

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