Bastille Day Trailer

Still think Idris can’t be Bond? Check out Bastille Day. Idris Elba plays Sean Briar, a rough and tumble loose cannon CIA Agent trying to thwart a terrorist attack in Paris. Forced to team up with a con-artist turned suspect Michael Mason, Game of Thrones‘  Richard Madden.  Idris soon learns that not all is as it appears. Mislead, and double crossed, Sean is forced to take matters into his own hands.  Can he save Paris on the anniversary of Bastille Day?

So yeah, this is Idris saying ” MAKE ME BOND!”  And why shouldn’t you. He kicks ass in this trailer. While it feels like kind of a generic action spy thriller, I like the buddy cop angle.  Right now that’s the only thing that’s got me interested. That and Idris. It’s looks a little too safe if you know what I mean. The trailer doesn’t offer much in terms of differentiating itself from all the other passed spy thriller tropes: Lose canon, wrapped up in wrong case, on the run, taking down corruption, and saves the day. Hopefully it surprises us. Anyway check out Bastille Day April 22, in the UK.

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