Pokémon Red/Yellow/Blue Version Virtual Console Trailer

Later this month, Pokémon Red, Yellow and Blue are getting re-released on the 3DS’s Virtual Console as a part of The Pokémon Company’s continued celebration of Pokémon‘s 20th anniversary. So, in preparation for this re-release, they put out this trailer, filled with clips from the original game to remind us just what we loved about the original trilogy of games and what to expect from the Virtual Console editions.

There were a couple of interesting takeaways from this trailer. For instance, the way they’re handling the re-releases, making the Red and Blue versions black and white, but keeping Yellow in color. Now, for those who haven’t played the originals when they were originally released, the color palette in those games matched their version names – Red‘s being red and Blue‘s being blue. A lot of the initial reactions that I’ve seen from the internet have been that Yellow may just be the go-to version.

There’s also a lot that is being given away from this trailer like the Pokémon that you can find in it and the some of the story beats of the original. Granted, the story beats rarely change from one Pokémon game to the next, it’s still kind of a shame that they chose to show it. Although, I did enjoy seeing this stuff again for the first time in over a decade.

Pokémon Red, Blue and Yellow are set to release soon on the 3DS’s Virtual Console on February 27th for $9.99.

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