Pete’s Dragon Teaser

A remake of the 1977 classic, follow Pete, a young orphan boy who has been living in the woods. That is until he is discovered by park ranger Grace Meacham, (Bryce Dallas Howard). Grace wants to know how Pete has survived for so long alone in the woods. Pete says he wasn’t alone. He had help from his friend Elliot, a dragon.

Another Disney remake, it seems like this trend of Disney reboots/remakes isn’t going away any time soon. From Maleficiet to Jungle Book, and now to Pete’s Dragon. I must admit, I’m usually against senseless regurgitation for cash, both Pete’s Dragon and Jungle Book have me intrigued. Stylistically both appear sharp, and I’m curious to see how they differentiate themselves from their predecessors. With Pete’s Dragon, I feel there’s not too much of struggle aside from capturing the lovable oaf in Elliot. As a kid I remember Pete’s Dragon being one of the many films constantly shown during “rain days” at my elementary school. While the movie itself was mediocre I loved Elliot the dragon. So long as the studio pulls off Elliot I think we’ll be in good shape.

Something else I hope Pete’s Dragon pulls off is creating a much more interesting story. To me, the plot of the film was the weak spot in the original. ‘Course I was never a sing-a-long kid. This new Pete’s Dragon seems to take more after the epic adventure film Disney has been morphing a lot of its remakes properties into these days, (i.e. Maleficient, Snow White and the Huntsman). But I feel that’s okay here, so long as we don’t lose that intimacy with imagination the original had . Check out Pete’s Dragon August 12, 2016.

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