Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End Story Trailer

I know I’m not the usual game trailer guy, but Uncharted is my all time favorite game series. So I took it upon myself to share with all you avid readers this new badass trailer.

After years of treasure hunting, escaping madmen and secret societies, Nathan Drake has finally settled down with his wife, Elena Fisher. That is until his long lost brother, Sam, gets him back in the game for one last hurrah. Together, they’re hell bent on discovering the lost pirate treasure of Libertalia, a lost pirate colony said to house mountains of gold. Once again on the trail, Nate soon realizes getting back in the game is harder than he thought. He soon questions whether or not it’s all really worth it in the end or if he’ll ever escape treasure hunting lifestyle.

Gotta love Naughty Dog trailers; so cinematic and action packed. Though in this trailer, we definitely get a feel for more of the emotional pull. The reason behind this I believe is the co-director, Neil Druckman, the man behind the game blockbuster, The Last of Us. An avid lover of the emotional driven story, it’s clearly apparent here. But if you’re worried it’ll get too dark for our friend Nathan, fret not. Back in the directing seat is also Bruce Straley, the director of Uncharted 2 and The Last of Us.  Uncharted 2 was my favorite of the Uncharted Series not just for it’s story, but the locations, and amazing action pieces. So I have the utmost faith in where this game is going.

So let’s talk about what we saw. Anyone who has seen the previous trailers know we’re hunting pirate treasure and Nate’s long lost brother has returned. Crazy, but not uncommon with these games. In the trailer we got to see more of Nate and Sam’s back story in a flash back of them breaking into a mansion. In an earlier trailer we were told also that Nate had to leave Sam behind because he was shot. Could this be the flash back that leads up to that point?

The bigger reveals for me were some of the set locations and villain reveals. Not only are we wandering the jungles and plains of Africa, but it looks like we’re once again hitting the mountains, Kilimanjaro perhaps? We also got some swimming pieces with sunken pirate ships. What is also curious is at the 1:34 mark we see Nate and Sam open a large to a bright blue room with a window that looked like the outside was underwater. What’s up with that?

To the villains we got to see more of Nadine, the boss of the South African army for hire. What’s more is that we also finally get to see Wraith, Nadine’s mysterious boss. Wraith looks a lot like a much younger Nate, which I think is a great juxtaposition of an older Nate. More curious is the old man in the prison cell Nate was with. Who is he?  He can obviously handle himself, as we see him grab a gun and asking presumably Nate if he’s ready to see his fortune. Only time will tell.

Suffice to say, Uncharted 4 looks like a great conclusion to a beloved series. I look forward to playing it April 26, 2016.

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