Ghostbusters Trailer

The much controversial reboot finally has a trailer. When an unknown evil known as Rowan threatens New York, an unlikely team of paranormal investigators answers the call. Join Erin, Abby Jillian, and Patty as they become the next generation of ghostbusters!

Okay, now a lot of people aren’t too crazy about this all-girls reboot of Ghostbusters: either because it’s a reboot of an 80s classic or because there are no dudes. The misogynistic reason seems really harsh, as I love all these actresses and think they’re hilarious. That being said I was not feeling the notion of a reboot in general. But let’s move on to the trailer.

So it wasn’t a bad trailer; it was cute. I enjoyed the cast playing off of each other, but at the same time playing homage to the original team dynamic. I was a little confused at first if the original ghostbusters existed or not in this universe because of how the trailer opened, but I’m pretty sure they do not, making it a true reboot.

As mentioned earlier, one of the things I noticed was the callback to group dynamic: Wigg = Murry, McCarthy = Akroyd, McKinnon = Ramis, and Jones = Hudson.  Clearly though, these characters have their own unique voices which I think is a good thing. This ghostbusters team needs to feel different in order to succeed, at least with its characters.

Another thing I noticed was the new location of the Ghostbusters base, which is an old Chinese restaurant. I also saw a nice cameo of Slimer. Speaking of cameos, we also got a brief appearance of the ladies’ secretary and the new Janine of the group, Chris Hemsworth. How much a role he’ll play besides eye candy, I’m also unsure about.

Going into the special effects and action beats: the ghosts are obviously CGI, which is fine I suppose, but I do miss the chroma-keyed puppeteering.  The rest of the trailer with the ladies fighting ghosts was okay. The gun licking towards the end felt a little gratuitous, along with the ghost boxing with McCarthy.  I’m not too excited for this movie regardless of the characters’ genders, but I hope for its sake it circumvents expectations and proves a worthy successor.  Ghostbusters hits theaters July 15, 2016.

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