Captain America: Civil War Trailer 2

After a week of unbridled anticipation, trailer two for Captain America: Civil War hits! Following the fallout of yet another disaster, the newly formed Avengers are met with an ultimatum: have oversight or be shut down. This fractures the team. Some join Iron Man, who believes the team needs to face a certain level of accountability, and the rest with Captain America who believes the team should operate free from government interference.  Tension builds as Cap continues his search for Bucky, and a new threat arises that forces Cap to act. However, Iron Man and half the Avengers stand in his way. Friendships will be tested and the Avengers will forever change.

Daaaaayyyyyuuuummmn. You gotta hand it to Marvel. They know how to do trailers. So before we get into the super reveal at the end, let’s talk shop on the rest of the trailer. First up, the tone still remains consistent with the last one, but even more amped up. While we didn’t get too much as far as new action sequences, we did get to see more of the conflict between Cap and Ironman.  They’re really driving home the division that the team is going through. I like the juxtaposition here of the two sides with either being right.

We definitely got more Iron Man in this trailer. His motivations for oversight are much more pronounced and we see him struggle with what to do with Cap and the rest of the rogue Avengers. There has been some speculation that Tony is the bad guy in the film. While Anthony and Joe Russo have driven the fact home that’s not the case, it definitely could be interpreted from this trailer that Tony is wrong. But if you go back and watch it again, you could also see how Cap might be in the wrong, too. That’s what I love about the marketing for this movie. It’s not directly taking sides even though it’s Cap’s movie.

That brings me to my next point, the bad guys. We haven’t seen or heard from Daniel Brühl’s Baron Zemo. He’s been absent throughout marketing. Which I can understand as I’m sure they (Marvel) want the main conflict to be a surprise. Classic misdirection! We are given a few more glimpses of Cross Bones battling Cap but nothing too new there.

I think one of the bigger points of interest in the trailer was the underwater base revealed. Could this be The Raft or The Cage, two major prisons in the Marvel comics? Also, we saw more conflict in what appears to be a base in the mountains. I would suspect this is where the final battle will take place and where we saw some of the new footage of Cap and Iron man going at it. The rest of the trailer was expanded action pieces featuring the Avengers battling each other.

Okay okay, time to address the biggest part of the trailer, SPIDER-MAN!!! Holy #@$%! I must say I like it. Part of me was hoping that they were going to save him for when the movie came out but I think what they did worked really well. It was brief and his one line seemed perfect. It felt like Spider-man.

I guess the only thing that I was a little worried about was his eyes.  They felt a little small. I liked that they could emote though. It felt a lot like the classic version of the costume too, with the small spider symbol. I also noticed, he appears to have wrist bands. So it looks like the classic web-shooters are back. A rumor online suggested that Tony builds the web-shooters for Spider-man along with giving him his new costume. The costume I don’t mind, but I hope they let Spider-man build the web-shooters. That’s such an important part of his character, showing off Peter’s genius.  But back on topic, SPIDER-MAN!!!!!!

What can I say, I was hyped before. Now I ‘m super hyped. My only concern now is if the film holds up to this much hype. The anticipation is almost insurmountable. I’d say I feel sorry for DC but I don’t. I have faith that Captain America: Civil War will pull it off. Dare I say it, it may be the best of the Marvel movies so far. Captain America: Civil War hits theaters May 6, 2016

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