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Last night, Square Enix hosted Final Fantasy XV Uncovered, revealing their launch plans for Final Fantasy XV. Going into this event, a lot of people weren’t exactly sure just why an event was needed in order to just say when the game was launching, especially when the September 30 date had already been leaked. Well, we got a date and a few – 14 to be exact – other announcements. A lot of those weren’t exactly exciting considering they were just that a lot of the people who were involved with Final Fantasy XV were at the event. Let’s talk about the more interesting ones.

First off, we got a new trailer for the game, with a cover of “Stand by Me” from Florence and the Machine. In it, we got a few glimpses of combat sequences, chocobo riding and a couple of quicktime events. Personally, nothing about it stuck out gameplay-wise. The aim of this trailer seemed to be more about selling the concept of brotherhood between these four characters and less about telling you what’s going on with it’s mechanics.

Square also announced a 5-part anime, Final Fantasy XV Brotherhood, with a story set before the events of Final Fantasy XV proper. Square promises the 5 parts will release up until the release of the main game. Those who are into anime, Final Fantasy or are just curious in general can watch the first episode now, as Square uploaded it onto their Youtube channel quickly after announcing it last night.

As someone who is mildly interested in Final Fantasy XV and its lore, I found the anime to be off to a bit of a slow start, but its only the first part, so that’s no surprise. The first episode is more to introduce you to Prompto, Gladiolus, Inis and Noctis, the boy band in the convertible we’ve all seen from the trailers and such, and their group dynamic. The animation is pretty good and the dialogue is fairly light-hearted with some bits that hint at what some of the narrative of the main game may be.

Speaking of tie-ins to the game, they announced Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV, a CGI story said to run parallel to that of the main game:

“The magical kingdom of Lucis is home to the hallowed Crystal, but the menacing empire of Niflheim will stop at nothing to make it theirs. War has raged between the two for as long as most can remember. King Regis of Lucis commands an elite force of soldiers dubbed the Kingsglaive. Wielding their king’s magic, Nyx Ulric and his fellow glaives stand before the crown city of Insomnia, fighting to stay the inexorable advance of Niflheim’s imperial army. Before the overwhelming military might of the empire, King Regis can only salvage his kingdom by accepting anultimatum—he must cede all lands outside the crown city, and see his son, Prince Noctis, wed to Lady Lunafreya, the former princess of Tenebrae now captive of Niflheim. As the war of wills rages, the machinations of Niflheim transform Insomnia into an awe-inspiring battleground, pulling Nyx into a struggle for the very survival of the kingdom.”

One of the even bigger surprises about this is the voice cast that is a part of Kingsglaive. This includes, Lena Headey (Cersei form Game of Thrones) as Luna, Sean Bean (Eddard Stark from Game of Thrones) as King Regis and Aaron Paul (Tobey Marshall from Need for Speed) as Nyx Ulric, a member of Regis’ Kingsglaive guard. Prior to announcing the cast, I wasn’t sure how serious Square was with this Final Fantasy XV world-building, but seeing the amount of star power they’ve included for this – I couldn’t imagine that kind of voice cast would come cheap – it looks like Square is serious about it’s investment into this world.

Getting back to games, this summer will see the release of Justice Monsters V, a game for iOS, Android and Windows 10 based off of an in-game pinball game. The game was shown being played in the rest stop, where our four protagonists have lunch. They didn’t say how or if progress would transfer over from the mobile game to the main game or vice versa. It isn’t specified how much it’ll cost or the exact date it will hit – they’ve only said June thus far – but I couldn’t see this being more than $.99.

Prior to announcing the date, Square Enix closed out out the night by announcing a Platinum Demo for Final Fantasy XV which tells the events of a young Noctis, with some narrative that ties into the main game. It’s kind of half game, half tech demo, as it lets you see slew of different characters, environments and try out a bunch of game mechanics. It’s free on PS4 and Xbox One, as of last night. Surprisingly, I had no problems downloading it, so nice job Square and Playstation.

So, yeah, that’s about it as fast as big announcements go. Final Fantasy XV will release September 30, 2016 for PS4 and Xbox One for $59.99. But if you’re into special editions of video games, Square Enix has you covered. There’s a Deluxe Edition for $89.99 and an Ultimate Collectors edition for $269.99.


You heard me. $269.99 US American dollars. Have fun.


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