Rogue One Trailer

The first film in the new Star Wars Expanded Universe! With the foundation of the empire, the rebels are all but powerless to stop the new tyrannical regime. Caught in the midsts of the chaos a young rebel, Jyn Erso, is tasked with an impossible mission: Steal the plans to the empire’s new super weapon! Armed with a ragtag group, Jyn must face insurmountable odds to give the galaxy a new hope.

Pretty cool if you ask me. If the trailer’s tone is accurate to the movie’s, and they don’t pull a BvS, I think we’re in good hands. First up, we open with a piano cover of some of the original John Williams’ score, a solid throw back to bring the audience back into the times of the empire. From there, the teaser takes off with shots of our protagonist, Jyn,(Felicity Jones), a rough and tumble fighter with a bit of an attitude; more Han Solo than Luke Skywalker. Moving forward we’re given shots of storm troopers and rebel engaged in warfare, with the return of the AT-ATs and shots of the rest of Jyn’s squad including Donnie Yen, Diego Luna, and Jiang Wen. All wrapped up in dramatic much more militaristic crescendo of action and suspense.

So let’s dig a little more into it. I think the trailer did a nice job of keeping with the feel of Star Wars, but definitely separates itself from the usual space opera adventure. Much like the early pre vis concept art we saw, it’s a much more serious militaristic tone, like the Battlefront the movie. I like that though. It’s an untapped mine in the rich history and lore of Star Wars.  This will also be the first Star Wars movie without Jedi, unless you count the animated Ewoks, and Droids films, which I don’t.

Getting more into the details of the trailer, our story is tight lipped with only a general idea that Jyn’s squad is out to get plans related to the death star. Also mentioned above, we some shots of our Jyn’s squad and a couple glimpses of the villains. Aside from our usual stock pile of storm trooper fonder, some new troopers emerged, clad in all black plastic armor, similar to the tie fighter pilots. My guess these are our black ops for the empire.  Next we saw, what I assumed, is a general or commander for the empire dressed in all white, with a long flowing cape. My guess is he’s the original caretaker for the yet completed death star and our chief antagonist for our rebels. Fans of the original series might also notice a woman in white presiding over an assumed rebel command post, most likely a young Mon Mothmma, who appears later in the original trilogy, as the lady talking about dead Bothens.

Perhaps the biggest tidbit from the trailer was Forest Whitaker’s character. A mysterious armored individual with a cryptic warning, presumably for Jyn. In our first image of the film we got, Whitaker was absence. Is he also a member of the team or merely an informant? Maybe even more important than Whitaker himself is his warning; Don’t let the enemy break you, less you become them. Then we end the trailer with a shot of  Jyn wearing the imperial black ops armor. A nod to the central/internal conflict of Jyn?  Judging from her description and shots of her in action, she seems  pretty ruthless when it comes to dealing with the empire. Dealing with her rage and or recklessness might be her big arc in the film.

To sum up, Rogue one’s first trailer seems promising. Director Gareth Edwards has imbued the old universe we love with a much more gritty war style genre. It’s bombastic, dramatic, but familiar. I’m anxious to see how the rest of the marketing follows up and if the movie can deliver. Check out Rogue One December 16, 2016.





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