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Suicide Squad Blitz Trailer « Ultness

Suicide Squad Blitz Trailer

Still shrouded in mystery, the blitz trailer for Suicide Squad still offers very little as far as outright story. Like its predecessor, it keeps the humor with much of the quips coming from Harley Quinn, and a few nods from Will Smith’s Dead Shot. In terms of new footage, we see Viola Davis’ pitch for Task Force X in a large military cabinet meeting, some shots of Batman, more Joker, and some action beats.

Of the stuff I really noticed in the trailer, we saw what looked like Enchantress’ origin story and more of a presence of the Joker, who will most likely either be behind what’s going on or will be an interested fourth party. Speaking of parties, Batman had a few more moments this time around, including a weird nightmare version of him jumping off a bridge. Most likely a hallucination of some kind by the Joker or Harley. We also got a close up of the mysterious coral-like monster-men the squad keeps fighting. Little is known of who, or what, these things are. Not to mention the tendril monster man who was in the earlier trailer. One theory that I find interesting is that it could be STARO, a giant intergalactic star fish and one of the earliest Justice League villains from the comics.

One of the biggest take aways I feel from this new trailer is the humor. Lately, DC has been getting a lot of flack for it’s zero tolerance on fun. Also, the recent reports that DC was adding reshoots to Suicide Squad due to a lack of humor did not help the cause. However, director David Ayer recently shot down reports in twitter amounting it to adding more action.

To be honest I hope Ayer’s telling the truth. I’d hate to see the Suicide Squad flop as well. For   me, it’s looked the best out of the DC movies thus far. Its tone has remained consistent and above all else entertaining. Something BvS sorely lacked. Plus, should it fail, the DCEU could be in serious peril. Check out Suicide Squad August 5, 2016.


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