Dr. Strange

Based on the acclaimed comic book sorcerer, follow esteemed neurosurgeon, Stephen Strange, as he embarks on a journey past the veil of reality. When an accident damages his hands, Strange seeks to find an alternative cure for his handicap. This takes him to the domain of the Ancient One, a powerful being who will instruct Strange in the mystic arts! Little does Strange know, his powers will be needed to save the world from a force all too unbelievable.

Growing up Dr. Strange was always a mysterious character. Whenever he appeared it was usually to instruct some of the more common heroes, like Captain America or Spider-man, on how to deal with the paranormal.  However I did recognize his importance as the sorcerer supreme! Usually it entailed him swinging in as the deus ex machina for our heroes. It’s cool to see Dr. Strange coming to the big screen, cooler that it’s Benedict Cumberbatch, and even cooler how they’re doing it! A well done trailer indeed.

So let’s talk about our visuals. We’re given some off the wall kaleidoscope morphing and inception-style building bending. A hint that this movie will definitely play with our minds and sense of reality. We get that Stephen Strange is a lost man. Glimpses of his past are seen, with him working as a doctor, then flashing forward to his shabby vagabond appearance. We see the car accident that takes his hand and parts of his journey to find the Ancient one, (Tilda Swinton). From there it’s clear Strange is going to get a schooling on the possibilities of the impossible.

Speaking of characters we got to see Chiwetel Ejiofor’s Karl Mordo. Originally a villain in the comics, this interpretation sees him as an ally of Strange, and an amalgamation of multiple characters from Strange’s mythos. Also seen briefly was love interest Rachel McAdams. While she hasn’t been given a specific name yet, my guess is she’s Morgana Blessing or Clea the Sorceress. Of course she may be a completely new character as well, invented for the origin story. Finally  Madds Mikkelson’s villain was seen warping reality with little effort, emphasizing his power/threat level. Another enigma, I would suspect Madds is related to the comic villain, Dormammu, ruler of the Dark Dimension which Feige confirmed would be in the movie. Perhaps he’s the herald of Dormammu. Really it’s just fun to say Dormammu. Dormammu……

So there you have it. A pretty legit tease for a seemingly pretty cool movie. Looks like Marvel still going strong, and here’s hoping it stays that way. Check out Dr. Strange November 4th, 2016.

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