Godzilla Resurgence Trailer

From across the pacific, the OG big G returns since his retirement in 20o4. Little is known about the new Godzilla movie other than it marks the return of the character back to Japan. However, directors Shinji Higuchi and Hideaki Anno, most known for their work on Neon Genesis Evangelion, describe this Godzilla as ” the most terrifying yet”, as evident by the new scarred design. What’s also interesting is the Japanese title of the film Shin-Gojira. Why is this significant? Roughly translated it could mean True Godzilla or even God-Godzilla. In interviews Higuchi and Anno has pushed the idea that this Godzilla is going to be one of the most brutal and true to character portrayals ever seen, harkening back to the original nuclear metaphor of 1954.

Getting into the design, this Godzilla is made out to be more monster than goofy kaiju. Again Higuchi and Anno say their taking the king of monsters back to his terrifying roots sighting the original film and the current state of the world as inspiration. From what I can tell this Godzilla is charred, maimed even from his exposure to the h-bomb. Rumors around the internet are that this is also not even Godzilla’s final form, suggesting he is either healing over time or getting worse as the movie progresses. What we do know though is this Godzilla is the tallest to date, towering at over four hundred and fifty feet.

The trailer itself isn’t too telling either. If anything I was a little disappointed in it. Most the trailer was b-roll of muted Japanese officials running back and forth, confused, concerned or pensive. Even Godzilla himself does little besides menacing and stoping the citizens of Tokyo. What I did like though was the added puppetry and suit work of Godzilla. It harkened back to the original 1954 film but at the same time felt genuine. The classic roar returns as well. Another aspect i did like was the realism. We didn’t get any mazer tanks or crazy flying fortresses, it was all tanks and choppers.

So why was I disappointed? I would have liked more variety in shots of Godzilla. More than just walking. I loved the tail shot and the close up of his demonic face, but the rest felt like repeats. Also two thirds of the trailer were muted people, as mentioned earlier. The dramatic music was nice and the so were the brief shots of carnage. That’s another thing I would have done differently, I would have added more shots of the carnage. Personal, intimate shots like in the original 1954 film or even in the 2014 teaser trailer, something that really shows the weight and gravitas of the situation.

To conclude the new Godzilla looks terrifying, his film though, I’m not too sure yet. I hope as we move closer to the Japanese release date we’re given more shots of how horrifying this movie as been hyped to be. Check out Godzilla Resurgence July 29, 2016

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