The Magnificent Seven

Based on the iconic western film, when a town is on the verge of collapse from a crooked industrialist and carpet bagger, a young woman seeks justice from a crew of hired guns. With the help of seven unlikely heroes, the town finally stands a chance against its oppressor and his gang of thugs.

So here we go again with our remake/reboots. To be fair, remaking a movie doesn’t necessarily bother me as long as you make it your own in someway. This version of the Magnificent Seven seems to be doing just that. One of the major changes is that instead of a band of outlaws extorting the town it’s now a northern industrialist. Who I assume wants something the town is sitting on or has access to. So in the end he wants the land. We also see a shake up in who the seven are with a completely new set of characters. Our magnificent seven are Denzel Washington, Chris Pratt, Ethan Hawke, Vincent D’Onofrio, Martin Sensmeier, and Byung-hun. So it’s definitely trying to be different from it’s predecessor. I just hope we still get that awesome theme song from the late James Horner.

Now I personally love westerns, and am all for bringing them back, my only concern with this one is that it falls pray to the Jonah Hex Syndrome,(making it more childish and cartoony). Granted the original movie had it’s moments of humor and over the top fun, just as long as it doesn’t become gratuitous and weird like that Three Muskateer Remake. Now that is to say that may not necessarily happen. Though I think Lee Byung-hun’s character wielding crazy throwing knives seems a little goofy. But if that’s the goofiest thing. I think we’re okay.

What I did like from the trailer was all the practical effects, especially that shot of all the horses running during sunset. Too often such spectacles are replaced with CGI so its nice to see film maker, Antoine Fuqua, taking the western genre back to its roots. I also am looking forward to the cast. Love me some Denzel and Pratt, and whats not to like about D’Onofrio and Hawke. Plus I’m hoping we get some cool tomahawk action with Martin Sensmeier’s character. I guess the only character I’m dubious about is Lee Byung-hun. And before the internet explodes, no it’s not because he’s an asian guy in a western, ya bunch of racists. Go watch a Kurasowa movie!  I just don’t want them to reduce him to the cliche martial arts guy who throws goofy knives. All the characters should have depth as well as on screen swagger!

It’s still early to tell what the Magnificent Seven will be. As always I remain optimistic, but only time will tell. Check out The Magnificent Seven September 23, 2016.

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