Assassin’s Creed

Based on the hit video game franchise, condemned criminal Callum Lynch is taken by the mysterious organization, Abstergo Industries. For reasons unknown, he is placed inside a mysterious machine called the animus. There he is forced to relive the genetic memories of his ancestor Aguilar, an assassin of an ancient hermetic horder battling the Templars in 15th century Spain. As he is forced to relive Aguilar’s life, Lynch gains the knowledge and skills he needs to fight back against his captors!

As far as adaptations go, this isn’t looking too bad. I know Fassbender is very adamant about making the movie as true to the game as possible, and it seems to be paying off. That being said I’m glad they are making the movie based on a new story as opposed to adapting one of the games. Plus, there would most definitely be an uproar if Fassbender played the Syrian born Altaïr, but I digress. #WhiteWashing!

What stood out to me in the trailer were the striking visuals. It definitely felt like Assassin’s Creed, from the futuristic animus lab to 15th century Spain. Fassbender seems to be in his element as the Aguilar, and I have little doubt he won’t do a decent job to say the least. The action beats also looked pretty true to source as well; medieval parkour mixed with swashbuckling. I also got excited for the appearances of Jeremy Irons and Marrion Cotillard. I had no idea they were in the film, and their involvement gives the film a little more credit with me. Though I did think the same thing when I watched Batman V. Superman when Jeremy Irons was cast as Alfred. But again, to be fair, he wasn’t the worst part of that movie.

As far as gripes go, I really don’t have much. Maybe the animus itself is a little ridiculous; as opposed to being a bed you lie on, it’s a giant claw that swings you around. Visually that’s cool, but man, your back would be so screwed! I guess my biggest gripe about the trailer was the music. The instrumental stuff was fine… then Kanye showed up. The symbolism is kinda there, and I see the irony in it, but it just felt gaudy. Why do we need Kanye pandering in Assassin’s Creed? I rarely enjoy pop music in trailers, unless it really works. Here it did not. Why not use UNKLE again like in Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood, or even JUSTICE from Assassin’s Creed II. It would have been a nice throw back for the fans, provided that it worked.

So far, my outlook is optimistic. If Fassbender and Sony can pull this off there may be hope for video game movies just yet. If not, it’ll be just another sorry martyr on the pyre. Check out Assassin’s Creed Dec. 21, 2016.


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