Ghostbusters Trailer 2: When there’s something strange and it don’t look good…

Holding the record for most disliked trailer, the new Ghostbusters are back with a their second trailer! When a slew of paranormal occurrences plague Manhattan, two paranormal researchers (Wiig and McCarthy), team up with a nuclear engineer (McKinnon), and a subway patrol woman (Jones) to fight back. Things quickly fly out of hand as the ladies face off against Rowan, a powerful demon, who can possess humans and command ghosts to do his bidding! As time runs out for the Big Apple, and a paranormal invasion imminent, can the ladies bust Rowan and maybe save the world?

So here we are again with another Ghostbusters trailer. The first thing I noticed was that within three hours of being uploaded the trailer had already garnered about three thousand dislikes. By now, I’m sure that number has risen exponentially. For whatever reason you might dislike this movie, be it the gender washing, the reboot, or the fact that Leslie Jones plays a seemingly inept black Woman being led by a gaggle of white ladies, this movie has been the center of some unwarranted, and also warranted, criticism. So let’s dig in.

This trailer offers more of a look at some of the action beats of the movie. We saw them chasing a winged demon through a rock concert, a demon portal in what appears to be a Chinese opera house, and more of the massive ghost invasion that I’m sure is at the climax of the film. While we didn’t necessarily get any new information about the story or villain, we did get an idea that the big bad, Rowan, has possessed Chris Hemsworth and seeks to raise an army of ghosts for total mortal domination. Finally, we got a glimpse at this movie’s “Mr. Stay Puff.” This time, though, it looks like the physical manifestation of the ghostbusters logo just Godzilla size!  That, I think, wraps up the new footage, so why don’t we like this movie or better yet why maybe we shouldn’t….

Am I personally excited for this movie? Not really. Does this movie warrant my total and complete outrage the likes of which no reddit post or youtube comment has ever seen? No. So what is it? As Leslie Jones put “Is it a lady thing or a race thing?” It seems to be hitting the beats: three scientists and an average joe; goofy secretary; ghosts; theme song remixes; even a giant towering monster. What’s missing? Or is that it? This movie has all the elements the old one had. TOO MANY!

It’s like how The Force Awakens followed the premise of A New Hope, only unlike Star Wars, this Ghostbusters appears to have gone all in! Think about it! Besides the list from earlier that I mentioned, what else do we have? We got Slimer, we have the girls chasing a green ghost, we have a demon possess a known heartthrob cast character to use for nefarious purposes, we go to the mayor at the end to warn of the impending doom, the bad guy wants to release ghosts/demons all over the city and world, hell, we even have a weird wiry worry wart in Michael James McDonald like the old hotel bellhop in the first movie. IT’S THE SAME F#@#$% MOVIE! If anything, people should be glad there’s an all female cast, that was the most original idea these people could come up with.

You know what made the original great? The fact that it was original!  A wild shot in the dark created by Dan Aykroyd. It was this dark comedy, how three clearly brilliant yet completely inept scientists working on something way over their heads. So if you’re angry at this movie don’t blame it on an all female cast. Blame it on a lack of creativity! Be mad that rather than come up with an original story for this group of great comedy actresses, they simply gender-swapped the original. But maybe I’m wrong, maybe this will be a great movie and nothing is wrong with it.  But if I’m right….

Check out Ghostbusters July 15, 2016.

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