Star Trek Beyond Trailer 2

Continuing on our paths of disliked trailers, here’s a story of redemption. Well into their five year mission to explore new worlds, the USS Enterprise and its crew are stranded on an alien planet by a deadly new foe, Krall! With everyone scattered across the planet, Captain Kirk and company must join forces with a mysterious ally, Jaylah, if they want any hope of saving themselves and maybe the galaxy!

So this Star Trek trailer actually felt more Star Trek than the last one. Kudos to you marketing. With Justin Lin at the helm of director, who is also a self proclaimed fan, and Simon Pegg penning the script, I’m hoping this will be the best Star Trek yet.  In truth I’ve always been more of a Star Wars guy, but I have a strong respect for Star Trek and it’s history. Here’s hoping Lin can do it the justice it deserves.

Going into the trailer, we got lots of goodies to chew on. First up we have a nice set up for existentialism with Kirk wondering about his purpose in the fleet. This is followed by shot of our usual band of cohorts boarding our favorite spaceship and heading off into the unknown. Then the unknown attacks! Like in the last trailer, we see the enterprise destroyed. However, we get more of a look at our armored villains, lead by Idris Elba’s Krall. Still unknown is his purpose, but from what I’m gathering from his statement of unity, it might be another eugenics angle, with Krall seeking to destroy everyone that isn’t his species. But this is all speculation on my part. Something I enjoyed about the trailer was the lack of story. Sure we get a bad guy and we understand crew are stranded but there is so much left up in the air.

The rest of the trailer shows off more action beats from last time, and a bit more humor, with Jaylah sitting in Kirk’s chair. A pretty good trailer if I do say so myself. It definitely makes up for the weird Beastie Boys Too Fast, Too Furious teaser we were given. I think what made the trailer for me was the music though. It felt operatic and epic, with a nice built up into the crescendo of action. It felt like Star Trek!  It definitely I’m curious to see Idris Elba’s villain Krall in action, and how the Enterprise hopes to stop him. Check out Star Trek Beyond July 22, 2016.



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