Sony’s E3

This year, Sony took a less traditional route when it came to their conference. There were no developers out on stage, there was nothing about the Vita, and there certainly wasn’t anything about the Neo (AKA PS4.5/PS4K).

“So, what’d they have aside from games,” you ask. Well, that’s just it. They only had games – both near and far.

The opinions on this approach have been surprisingly mixed. Some people hated it, because they were expecting the usual 2-hour long Sony conference (which, I fully expected, too) and some loved it because it was purely games.

Personally, I was a fan because it was a tight conference. Nothing felt like a waste of time, and there was always at least somethingĀ of interest. Anyway, here are the big trailers from the conference.

God of War

Sony started off with a bang. Prefaced with a live orchestra, Sony debuted the heavily-rumored, norse-inspired God of War sequel titled, God of War. With that title, there was a lot of confusion as to whether or not this was some kind of reboot or not. Those questions were answered in an interview with Sony Santa Monica, the developers of the game, as they said this is in fact a sequel to the God of War franchise that we know and love.

This entry in the franchise takes quite a left turn, as this one brings more of a grounded look and tone to the franchise. This time around, it looks as though we are not only following Kratos’ journey, but that of his son as well, which should make for an interesting dynamic. We’re used to seeing extremely angry, violent Kratos, so I want to see what they do with him this time around.

Another franchise stapleĀ is the fast-paced, character action gameplay. While this doesn’t look as fast-paced as the older entries in the franchise, this looks like it has some speed to it. It also looks, with it’s grounded aesthetic, like the attacks have more deliberate movement to them. One of the things I’m interested in is whether or not you play as Kratos the entire game or it it alternates between him and his son, as during the last few seconds of the trailer, you see a little bit of that.

Either way, I’m interested in whatever this new God of War has to offer.


Horizon: Zero Dawn

Another familiar face made an appearance, as we got another look at Horizon: Zero Dawn. This one has been making it’s appearances left, right and center over the past year since it’s announcement. It’s garnered a lot of positive attention, and speaking as a fan myself, I’m glad to finally see a gameplay trailer.

Showing off some of the game’s systems, it very much comes off as a modern video game. I don’t mean to sound reductive about it in any way, I just mean that it has everything you would expect a video game coming out to have nowadays. It has an open world, it has a weapon wheel, it has stealth mechanics, dialogue choices – a lot of things you’d expect a lot of games to have. One interesting way they’re mixing it up is that they’re adding stealth as a way to also tame the mechanical animals. My only question is if, like Far Cry, the ability to tame larger animals is another skill. My bet that it is.

Horizon: Zero Dawn is expected to launch February 28th, exclusively for PS4.


Untitled Spiderman PS4 Game

Coming off as both a surprise and not, the trailer for Spiderman was revealed, and…eh.

Nothing about this trailer looks interesting to me, personally. The idea of a Spiderman game isn’t exactly a novelty, as we’ve had several of them before. And I fall in the camp of thinking that they haven’t been good since Spiderman 2.

The game promises an “original Spiderman story,” which seems like a good move, as if were based on the upcoming Spiderman: Homecoming, people wouldn’t give it much attention. That, alongside with the fact that movie tie-in games tend to have a bad reputation. If the story’s good, I’ll be interested, but for now, this game is a big question mark.


Death Stranding

One of the bigger games of the press conference was the reveal of Hideo Kojima’s new game, Death Stranding. Coming off of the controversy of the past year-and-a-half, this finds Kojima teaming back up with Norman Reeds (P.T., Silent Hills, The Walking Dead). While there’s nothing to really grasp from the trailer, being as confusing and as “what the fuck” as previous Kojima trailers have been, I am highly interested in this.

A lot of that is drawn from Kojima’s predilection to use a near-future/mystical aesthetic in his games, and to also have them have some sort of real world grounding to them. He’s mentioned before that this is an action game, and I’m fully up for whatever this thing is.


Resident Evil 7

Speaking of P.T. and Silent Hills, what we’ve seen of Resident Evil 7 kiiiinda comes off as though that game has some fans over at Capcom. This first-person entry in the Resident Evil franchise seems to be, both, bringing the series back to it’s horror roots, while presenting it in a modern way. And the fact that they’ve added VR to the mix makes it more interesting and makes me want to play the RE games that I’ve passed on. I’m curious to know how or of this ties into the previous games. Is this a new character’s perspective? Is this a perspective from a character that we’re already familiar with?

We’ll just have to wait and see when this drops January 24, 2017.




Final Fantasy XV


Batman Arkham VR


Days Gone

Sony Bend’s Days Gone is a game I really want to be excited about. I’m a fan of open-world game design and seeing this game looks good when in action, but I’m burnt out on the zombie genre as a whole. Between games like The Walking Dead and The Last of Us, I think I hit my limit a while ago. I’m interested to see more of this game and it’s systems, and how it, as a whole, is received upon release.

As far as the game itself, I’ve noticed the zombies are very wave-like (a la the film, World War Z). Though, I’m not sure just why the lead character would continue to dump ammo into the zombies. That is unless the game is designed as such where the zombies can tail you to such a long distance that you’re just better off killing what’s chasing you rather than just try to unleash them from chasing you.

Combat-wise, the gunplay looked rather uninteresting and kind of bad. It looks like it plays like the assault rifle in the Tomb Raider reboot. Personally, I’d rather not do that for the tens of hours I’m sure this game lasts. I haven’t gotten up close and personal with it, so I can’t say it’s good or bad, I can only base it off of what I’ve seen. Maybe I’ll change my mind on this game as a whole in the year(s) before this game releases.


Detroit: Become Human

Detroit: Become Human was one of the games that caught my interest during Paris Games Week last year. One reason is that I’m always interested in sci-fi stories, and another is that David Cage games always look promising to me. I played a little of Heavy Rain, and enjoyed what I played. However, I didn’t play Beyond: Two Souls, but based off of what I’ve heard and read about it is that it’s pretty mediocre. This trailer looks more Heavy Rain than Beyond, so that’s good with me.

This trailer presents itself as what you’d expect from a David Cage game: non-traditional story-telling, player choice, a lot of tugging-on-the-heart-strings moments.

I’m interested in what this game brings from both a video game story-telling perspective and a science fiction perspective.

That about does it for Sony. I’ll continue to keep the site updated with thoughts on the press conferences as the week goes on, so look out for that stuff sooner or later.

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