RTX2016: Red Carpet Event with Chris Desmarais and Josh Flanagan

Following the opening of RTX 2016, Rooster Teeth premiered the latest episode of their new thriller series, Day 5.  Day 5 begins after a sleeping apocalypse, where sleep has become lethal, and survivors must battle to stay awake. Now a drug addict, a pre-teen, a doctor, and a pilot must join forces to find the source of the sleeping epidemic, and possibly, save the world.

While waiting for  the premiere at the Paramount Theater in Austin, I was given a chance to talk to show writer and director Josh Flanagan, and co-writer, Chris Demarais. Both were rocking Dumb and Dumber zoot suits. Pleased with the positive fan reaction from the first two episodes, they expressed enthusiasm for tonight’s debut of episode three. I asked how the show had started and was surprised to learn it had been percolating at RT for four years now: first starting as a short film, then evolving into a series. Both Chris and Josh expressed interest in continuing the series in a second season, but were thoroughly satisfied with what they had done.

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