RTX2016: Red Carpet Event with Jessy Hodges and Samm Levine

This weekend Austin was abuzz with the sixth annual RTX Convention celebrating internet media mogul Rooster Teeth. As part of the celebration, the Paramount Theater in Austin Texas hosted the world  premiere of RT’s latest sci-fi comedy Crunch Time! Crunch Time follows a group of misfit scientists who inadvertently create a black hole in their lab. Interrogated by the authorities, and with no memory of creating the singularity, the rag-tag scientists must now recount every failed experiment they ever had. If they can’t, it could mean the end of the world!

Getting a chance to talk with some of the cast, I met with Jessy Hodges and Same Levine. Both talked about their characters and how pleased they were with the show. Surprisingly, neither had been fans of Rooster Teeth, but that has been remedied. I asked if they would be interested in working on other Rooster Teeth content like Camp Camp, The Spot, or even their flagship series Red Vs Blue. They seemed intrigued but were more concerned with continuing their ridiculous sci-fi comedy.

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